Does Hemp Farming Smell?

Hemp odors are caused by terpenes, which are present in almost all plants and are the main ingredient in essential oils. In fact, hemp smells practically the same as all the cannabis grown there. If you don't like the smell of hemp, Jerry, the good news is that it will all be gone by the end of October. Exeter City Council also received complaints about the Hodgson hemp field, according to the council's agenda for its regular meeting on Monday night.

In addition to the smell, he added some of the criminal activities that have occurred in connection with the local cultivation of hemp, and cited the multiple arrests that were made in connection with thieves trying to steal the plants. In a follow-up letter sent to them last week, Hodgson wrote that “everyone has the right to have an opinion about what hemp smells like. As hemp cultivation thrives, so do complaints that its smell is annoying, causes headaches, worsens allergies and devalues neighboring properties. Residents of Dawson Hodgson's 65-acre hemp on Exeter Road are expected to appeal to the City Council Monday night to do something about the pungent smell of skunk that they say has permeated their homes, cars and clothes since August.

Industrial hemp is a cousin of marijuana, but it doesn't contain enough THC to intoxicate a person. As a result, farmers across the country are now growing hemp for the booming market for CBD, a component of the oil extracted from the plant that may have medicinal benefits. In fact, we may have a major odor problem in late summer and early fall, because 8,500 acres of hemp grow there. DINWIDDIE residents living in the Lake Jordan neighborhood are outraged by the smell produced by hemp plants growing on a farm near the subdivision, and are reporting this to the county Board of Supervisors.

The state's first and largest hemp crop in at least half a century is causing a stench in North Kingstown. He explained that, at the beginning of the year, there were farmers who did not yet know that they would grow hemp, but noted that, given that the current situation, in which the cultivation of tobacco is difficult for farmers, the availability of hemp gave farmers the decision to grow a crop with which they could earn some income. U. S.

citizens and the government worked together to reduce odor along that corridor, and Lee suggested that solutions could most likely be found to reduce the odor produced by hemp farms.

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